No code product adoption tool, SaaS tool

My Role:
Product design ∣ UX ∕ UI ∣ Research ∣ UX writing ∣ Webdesign
Figma ∣ Miro ∣ Jira ∣ Slack ∣ Notion ∣ Balsamiq

Candu is a product adoption tool for product and growth teams who need to build product led experiences without involving development teams. Its core feature is a no code drag and drop web editor which allows users to build and launch in product experiences such as onboarding flows, onboarding checklists, in app homepage, in app annoucements, growth experiments, and many more by either using and customizing templates or build from a scratch.

I have joined Candu as a Product Designer in a remote international team with main offices in London and San Francisco. The product was already launched and live with its existing users. I have had a diverse range of responsibilities, that contributed to the improvement and expansion of Candu. My focus was on scaling no code editor, adding new functions and iterating existing functionality, maintaining and expanding Design system and Brand guidelines, maintaining the consistency and coherence of the user interface and experience across the product, marketing site redesign, user centric design, collaboration in a remote international team.

. Selected work for Candu

Because of a non–disclosure agreement, I am only able to showcase specific functionalities that I have designed.

Image cropping function

An image cropping function in an online editor allows users to trim or cut out a specific portion of an image, discarding the unwanted parts and focusing only on the desired area. It essentially allows users to resize and redefine the dimensions of the image by selecting a specific region and eliminating the need for additional software in their workflow.

Custom image crop:
A customized image cropping function provides users with tailored options to manipulate and refine specific sections of an image according to their preferences. This feature allows for personalized adjustments, ensuring precise cropping tailored to individual needs and creative vision.

Pre–selected ratio’s:
This function offers users a selection of predefined aspect ratios to maintain consistency and desired proportions while cropping images. This feature streamlines the cropping process by allowing users to choose from a range of ratios such as square, circle, landscape, or portrait, ensuring uniformity and visual harmony in their edited images.

New feature Blocks

Pre−built pieces of content a.k.a. Blocks are pre−designed sections or components that users can easily insert into their content or projects to speed up the creation and publishing process. These blocks are integrated into the main editor menu, allowing users to select from a variety of categories and simply drag and drop them onto their document.

Users can start customizing Block’s content, the design and appearance of the block to match their branding or preferences to their own. This may involve changing the colors, fonts, spacing, replacing placeholder text, images, or icons with their own content. Users can typically click on text areas, images, or other elements within the block to edit or replace them.

Added share function

The share function in an online editor allows users to easily share content with others. It provides various options for sharing the content, making it accessible to different individuals or groups.

Sharing a link:
This option generates a unique URL or link that you can provide to others. When someone accesses the link, they will be able to view or interact with your edited content directly in their browser. Sharing via email:
You can enter the recipient’s email address, and the editor will send a notification with a link to access the shared content. Set sharing permissions:
This allows you to specify whether recipients can simply view the content, edit it, or share it with others. You can often choose to make the content publicly accessible or restrict it to specific individuals or groups. A password protected share link:
This is a secure way to share sensitive or private information with specific individuals. Instead of sharing the content openly, the link requires a password to access it, ensuring that only authorized individuals can view the shared information. This adds an extra layer of security and protects the confidentiality of the shared content. Preview shared content on a dedicated web page:
This feature proves particularly useful when collaborating within a remote team and brainstorming content ideas with a colleague. Comments can be added directly to previewed content, streamlining communication among team members.


Analytics overview help to measure interaction and engagement with content published with Candu’s no–code editor. Candu tracks visitor and event data for all content and every segment of users.

Multi factor authentification

MFA adds an extra layer of security beyond just using a username and password combination. MFA aims to mitigate the risks associated with stolen or weak passwords by adding additional factors that are typically harder for an attacker to compromise.

By an authentificator app:
By text message:

Deploy MFA for an organisation: Deploy MFA for an individual account under organisation :

Marketing site redesign

The marketing site plays a vital role as a digital platform for promoting and showcasing the various features, benefits, and unique value proposition of Candu’s SaaS tool to potential customers. As the product continues to evolve with the addition of new features and functions, it becomes crucial to update both the content and design of Candu’s marketing site to ensure it remains up to date and aligned with the latest product’s offerings.