Mobile application for "veggies" with importance of minimalistic, clean design.

This is a solely independent project based on my initiation. The base for the idea is I am very passionate vegetarian becoming vegan and this project offered me a possibility to combine my passion for veggie life style and my passion for design.

I took this project as a challenge because it is my first mobile application design mock-up. I have done a really good research which helped me better to build wireframes, which I easily turned into mock ups in Sketch app. For now this project is work in progress and I would like to continue finishing developing more mock-up for more parts of this application. My next step in this progress will be to turn my designs into prototype in appropriate software for it.

Until now this project is going very well, and it helped me to discover even more possibilities and I would like to focus on creating more amazing mobile application experiences.

I have created a logo for application where I have played with the word of vegetarian. Do you know if you take the middle part etari from the word vegetarian you are left with a word vegan? I have created a logo play with 2 words in one.

For me it was obvious from the beginning I would choose a color combination of green | grey | white. Where color green is associated with healthy life style, and color grey and white create a perfect combination and base for a minimal design.
To "spice it up" a bit I have choose to use so much-loved gradient. Color combinations of #02AB84 and #71C045.

Project Name:
Veggie mobile application
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Mobile application design | Mock up